Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Miami to Denver

In about a month I will relocate to Denver, Colorado. My residency, my stuff, my elbows – everything. Why? Short answer: I’ve seen the comedy renaissance happening there and it’s a special thing. Creative yet professional. Industrious yet welcoming. I need more data. There is a high probability that exposure will enhance my node clusters! (No-robo)

I planned this over a year ago, so long ago that friends now greet me with a hearty “You’re still here?” Yep, until the end of April. Can you at least change the emphasis to “You’re still here?” I also enjoy a warm “You’re back already?!

I’m tying a bow on my time in Miami. Instead of ending my comedy shows, I passed them on to the next generation. I wish that wasn’t worth noting, but here it’s more likely a room doesn’t survive long enough to be passed on. There are a mere handful of comedy shows in South Florida considered institutions. Comedy towns have dozens these long running shows where a standard of quality is set and maintained, traditions and quirks grow, and it becomes a hub of activity that sparks creativity and partnerships. South Florida’s comedy scene cyclically flourishes then starves, exhibiting the seasons our climate zone does not. Comedy rooms swarm like tadpoles where only a few get enough support from the scene and city to achieve froghood. (Froghood the animated series coming next fall to FOX – you’ll never guess what stereotype they represent!)

Come say seeya to me at one of these worthy events!

4/7+ 4/21 – Elwoods Gastro Pub I get two more spots at my old night before I have to beg. 8:30
4/9-4/11 – The South Beach Comedy Festival turns 10. Check out these lineups! I’m hosting a locals showcase after each night’s main shows, and an incredible album recording.
4/12 – Clandestino Pub comedy night 9pm 758 Washington Ave
4/14 – Casa de Haha, Miami’s longest running comedy show. I’ll keep saying it until I leave. 8pm sharp at Sweat Records. Speaking of….
4/18 – (THE BIG ONE) SWEATSTOCK 2015 Celebrating Record Store Day + 10 Years of Sweat! I can’t wait to emcee this yearly block party!
4/24 – Comedy at Cortez @ 8pm 8th and Cortez.
Plus I have 4 more Mondays cohosting “Te Amo 305” on KLANGBOX.FM for Miami music and laughs. 6-8pm streaming on www.klangbox.fm.


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