Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin


Daniel Reskin is a creative fella. He started with stand-up comedy and it has led him through acting, hosting, voice over, podcasting, video production, editing, and programming. He– well I, it’s me writing, used to have a more standard bio with some awards and accomplishments, like being voted best comic and Miami and stuff, but I got over it. I’ve acted in a bunch of commercials and stuff, am a flexible creative voice at the table.

I’m just trying to make cool interesting things and be a part of great projects. If you’d like to support what I’m doing, check out my Patreon below. A dollar a month could mean more goofy cat videos.

If not, I STILL LOVE YOU! Thanks for coming.

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2 Responses to About

  1. HI Daniel
    Love your comedy you are truly blessed..
    I was wondering if you are open to a 1/2 hour ZOOM performance. IT is for a after hours meeting
    I am hosting for the Applewood business association .
    If so I would love to speak with you..

    303 755 9606

  2. Please sent all ads and promo information by E-mail:reklama@centerfm.by


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