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Headlining Gig 7/9 Potty Mouths

I am super pumped to headline this great lineup! Come on out to Lakewood for a 420-friendly show where comics are encouraged to get H AF on stage. Use the code “prerolls” for 20% off tickets! Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/potty-mouths-thc-comedy-experience-tickets-328461666687

why do i even have a website?

Or a career for that matter? Oh, I don’t? Riiight. Just a little update. All kinds of things are happening and I just don’t have updating this website in my loop. New Youtube videos: https://youtube.com/c/danielreskin Tons of livestreaming on twitch: https://twitch.tv/dando_rando I had a bunch a great live shows now that I’m back doing stand-up… (read more)

Stand Down ep13 Chief Fest w/ AJ Finney & Ben Kronberg

“Don’t Start, Don’t Quit” A live, festival edition of the show with two amazing comics and a tipsy Daniel! AJ Finney & Ben Kronberg headline all over the country, and we’re lucky they are based here in Colorado. Both embody a wandering spirit and their third eyes are wide open. These experienced comics have lived… (read more)

Stand Down ep12 Jake Lloyd Bacon

The Cost of Doing Everything Jake Lloyd Bacon wanted to do everything, and is. Stand-up was on the list somewhere after musician, actor and filmmaker, but no less important. Does having too many passions prevent you from excelling at one, or does it enrich everything you do? Topics include: balancing passions, name changes, never finding… (read more)

Stand Down ep10 – Delanie Fischer

Using Stand-up to Escape Stand-up “How do I use stand-up to get myself out of it?” After understanding what success in stand-up looks like, Delanie Fischer realized she wanted something different. Despite feeling one foot in and one foot out of comedy, she continued growing until she created a way offstage. This led to new… (read more)