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Feline Slackline

Well, hello there! Hell, wello there! It’s been months. What happened? Where have you been? And, cats! There is a lot to imply. Skip it! I made a video involving a slackline and my cat, Flurples. It will explain EVERYTHING

How to Build a PC pt3

A new video is up! I’m glad I finished it early because the Mueller Report was just submitted and I want to jump right into not being allowed to read it. SO enjoy this tech goof instead. Thanks!

Build a PC with Me!

To start of my YouTubery I am sharing my recent experience of building a new computer. I prepared and researched for months, and watched tons of PC building tutorials. Those builders were good! They were TOO good. These people forgot what it’s like to stare into a sprawling pile of wires and think WUUUUUUUUT??? Did… (read more)

I am a Patron, I say!

Today I finally supported creators on Patreon. These are some of the people I watch regularly and support. I couldn’t pick everyone I wanted and I know there are some out there I missed. That’s for wave 2, when I have more monies. I am giving these channels $1 a month. Some only asked for… (read more)

Casa de Haha – January 2019

This Saturday night there are a myriad of incredible, well-produced, significant comedy shows in Denver.¬†There’s also mine!My monthly showcase Casa de Haha returns every last Saturday at 8pm at the eclectic Mutiny Information Cafe! Be at the there! And stick around after for the wonderful comedy and music video mash-up – Comedy Saved the Video… (read more)