Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Update on Updates


That’s a new YouTube video on figuring out my YouTube.

Just finished my TENTH audiobook as a narrator! I made a video about that and am mid-edit.

As for Twitch, it’s rough. The platform continues to make bad decisions and viewership is down since the pandemic. It kind of mimics the stand-up scene, how people come and go. Once I stopped doing the talk show online, my stream done dried up. And I still have tons to turn into YT videos. I’m planning some kind of funeral to retire it… so I can eventually rebuild it into something else.

I just did a great brewery show for stand-up. With everything else I’m doing, I’m only on stage 2-3 times a month but I’m polishing new material and enjoying it more than ever.

I work part time at a dart bar doing crowd work with guests and teaching them the games. It’s somewhere between tour guide, host, and improv.

That’s the creative stuff. I’m also trying to uh, how do you say, live a fulfilling human existence? That too.

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