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Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

I am a Patron, I say!

Today I finally supported creators on Patreon. These are some of the people I watch regularly and support. I couldn’t pick everyone I wanted and I know there are some out there I missed. That’s for wave 2, when I have more monies.

I am giving these channels $1 a month. Some only asked for a dollar, some asked for more. Even if I’m locked out of some reward content, just seeing the thank you messages and videos made it worth it. I’d share but they were just for me.

I wish I could say my reasons were purely altruistic, but the truth is I am gearing up to be a YouTuber myself. Breakin’ in to the streaming biz. Chasing the digimonz down the dark web. Uh, Fornite? It’s something I’ve always kicked myself for not doing.

Starting next Friday, I am going to release a video every week. The first few will be a series about me building a computer. Then I’m going to explore my interests – comedy, videogames, politics, cats, physical fitness, social dynamics, self-improvement, philosophy – and see where it goes.

I’m not creating a Patreon for myself yet. I want to earn it. My goal this year is to make $1 off of YouTube. If you’d like to follow me for this project, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Act now and you can be my 50th sub! Only 100 until I can get a custom URL with my name instead of this one – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2MVhZQdQCsPVgGMsyANDvQ. Although it does roll off the tongue.

Thanks for reading, and supporting any creatives in your life. Also taking bets until the day I unironically say “smash that like button”. Stay tubed!

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