Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Denver Groove

I’ve been in Denver for a month now, and regret my decision 0%.

I am absolutely floored with the variety and excitement in the Denver comedy scene. I must do a full analysis before my brain and I figure out what kind of show we want to contribute. In Miami, I would just create a(nother) quality showcase because we still need them down there. Here, there are so many tightly run showcases that conceptual rooms thrive. There are shows where comics debate issues, comment on live wrestling and 80s cartoons, improv entire sets, play videogames, and feed the audience. There are more and I’d like to highlight and link them but I’ll get to that in a more proper article.

Tonight I have landed a spot at one such lauded showcase. The Greater Than Social Club is a monthly musical comedy colloquium put on by the Greater Than Collective, I’m > happy to be a part of it. Tonight at 3 Kings Tavern.


Comedy, Music, & Pinball!

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