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Daniel Reskin

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Casa de Haha RETURNS

Tl;dr – Casa de Haha is back! And in its original form – a monthly live stand-up showcase. Join us on the last Saturday of every month, 8pm at Mutiny Information Cafe. January 26th is the first show.

I ran this comedy room at my sister’s indie record store, Sweat Records, in Miami for almost 7 years. It helped me grow as a comic, try new things, showcase comedy I loved, and provide a cornerstone for a small comedy scene.

I should have continued it the moment I moved to Denver, but I saw a scene stuffed with showcases and experimented making it a public access TV show. I should have done both. Regrets aside, the Denver comedy scene is more spacious these days and I can’t wait to contribute.

Casa is a stand-up showcase, but there are themed nights where comedians are creatively challenged to experiment. Some of my favorites were…

Sets with Pets

I didn’t’ call it that but should have. With all the animals, we were on high alert for stage pooping, luckily only done in joke form.

aka Last Comic Misunder-Standing

Each of our comic judges had different personas (overly agreeable, wishy-washy, asshole) that judged comics, sometimes getting in their heads. The podcast version is available here: http://danielreskin.com/07-casa-gots-talent/

Character Night

This became our annual standby. Comics do sets as created characters. It’s where I was Australian shock comic Raniel Deskin, slam-poet Truth Particles, and the smart-phone mime Deangelus Applesteam. Other comics also were stupid.

Charity Event?

We had a Hahathon for Hydration Awareness. We weren’t telling you to drink, save, or clean it. We just needed to make sure you know.

My favorite big name booking

Here are some of the new themes I want to try this year:

  • a VR comedy night where the comic navigates a virtual world while doing comedy
  • “Odd Alan” tribute night where comedians karaoke their own parody songs
  • THEODORE Talks, way better than TED
  • a Fitness night where the audience is in a workout class with comics leading the exercises.

The best part is the show will be moving from my favorite record/book/coffee/culture store in Miami, to my favorite one in Denver – Mutiny Information Cafe! A perfect fit.

Speaking of perfect fits, Casa de Haha will be snugly tucked before the 10pm show, the long-running music video comedy party, Comedy Saved the Video Star, run by JD Lopez.

Denver – your last Saturday of the month free comedy power block is ready!

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