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Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Location, Location, Something Else

“When are you going to move?” “Why are you still here?”

I get asked those questions all the time, and not just because I fall asleep at drive-thrus. It usually refers to moving to a bigger city for stand-up comedy. I always say I’m the type to stay too long rather than leave too soon. I feel it has benefited me to cut my teeth here, but it may be time to start LeBronning this shit. Starting with a leg cramp- ayyyy!

There are many cities for showbiz, but it all comes down to the big two: Aberdeen, South Dakota and Dinwiddie, Virginia. Aberdeen is of course known for their hospital and wheat farms, but you can’t beat Dinwiddie for the foliage and Civil War reenactments. I don’t know how everyone makes it so easy.

Recently two great comics and cohosts of mine are out of the 305. My Gringo BINGO cohost Irene Morales just moved to NYC, and my Elwood’s Pub cohost John Wynn is about to head to LA. I wish them the best, and will try not to feel pressured to leave immediately. Everyone is on their own journey. Except for John Wynn actually, cause I’m going to drive with him to LA. Adventure! I’ll be out of Miami for most of August.

I’ll be these places at these times. Podcasts inevitable:
Aug 8 – Driving cross-country with John Wynn, as he moves to LA.
Aug 10 – Houston
Aug 14 -18- LA (Doing a spot at Flappers in Burbank the 16th at 8pm)
Aug 18 – Miami – for a few sweet humid days.
Aug 21-31 – Denver – (w/ Adrian Mesa at the High Plains Comedy Festival)

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