Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Acting, VO, and TikTok

I’ve been all over the place, but growing. Maybe not but. And. AND!

I just got my second scholarship at Denver Center for the Performing Arts. I’m taking 3 more classes in the spring, mostly focused on VO. Voice Over II and Audio Book Narration, plus a Film in Colorado sampler. It’s has been amazing to explore acting for real, rather than as a byproduct of stand-up comedy. I’m finishing up a class now that helping me find the right monologues to use for auditions. Somehow stand-up got me in that door, but now I’ll be able to have a range of pieces to use depending on the audish.

I finally joined TikTok like 2 months ago. I was reluctant for all the reasons you hear: it’s brain poison, your personal diary will be read by Xi Jinping, you might actually like it. But if the people want lil’ tiny videos, so be it. I have assembled a giant well of content from which to pull, and started cutting up videos to be 10-40 seconds.

It worked. Say what you will, but I got more views in the last 2 months than the last 10 years on YouTube. It was nice to get some appreciation on videos with barely any views. I’ll continue posting a few a week, while remembering I’m shoving fistfuls of dopamine cotton candy into my mouth eyes.

Soon I’ll have a professional commercial voice over demo, and until then there is tons of opportunity online. I’m excited to start auditioning for audio books, anime, and a-frickin-video games. My home closet studio sounds GOOD.

Let’s READ stuff GOOD!

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