Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

The Comedy Economy – New Times Article

There has been a rash of comedy venues closing in the past few months, so I wrote an article about it. You can read it here: Is Miami in the Middle of a Comedy Crisis? (THE ANSWER IS NO. Wasn’t my title…)

On Nov 5 I posted this to Facebook:

Some of you may have noticed the Reskin Comedy Room Index (RCR) was peaking a few months ago. It seemed like it could go up forever. These venues were judged sustainable with a AAA rating. But the market has turned. Humor economists theorize that subprime rooms were bundled in with these venues, devaluing all the rooms as a whole, leading to comedic inflation. This meant it would take comedians 3 jokes just to get the laughs of 1. Thankfully, this has been corrected by the invisible microphone-holding hand of the market.

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