Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Art Basel Miami 2013 – Events You Missed

The most exclusive events as hacked from Banksy’s e-mail

The Scromchild Gallery – the complete works of Adrianna Verkova, world famous fecal sculptor. Titled “Pieces of Me”, Adrianna’s work challenges the viewer, mostly to stay in the room. The exhibition runs until Spring, and down your leg. $10 (mask extra)

The Rosebelch Collection is debuting an ambitious collection of pieces recovered from over 7,000 discarded Macaroni Grill paper tablecloths. Indulge the senses at the splendor of children’s crayon scribbles dancing on greasy rainbows of crusty Italian sauces. Spot an eventful tic-tac-toe match and a waiter’s name written upside-down. $7

Conceptual futurist Harriet Duval unveils her new virtual reality masterpiece. The VR Diva headgear immerses the viewer in a world of luxurious fantasy, despite not using electricity and being made out of wet garbage. VIP tickets start at $400

Like it or not, controversial Scottish crust punk Zed Kuntshire is back. After burning bridges with 6 major galleries, Kuntshire was without a space to show his art – giant dangerous burning bridges. Even so, the artist has voiced new creative direction in expanding his work to “existing bridges”. Money offered for information on artist’s whereabouts.

Pakistani uberguru Prish Prashni is coming back to the Miami Radness Center. Yogi Prashni has discovered a new muscle located deep within the taint… He has exercised it to a freakish level, and will display it for all to see. React in confusion, horror, or perhaps lust to the new muscle, the “scrotator cuff“. Donations welcome.

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