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Mini-updates: Narrator Work

Heyyyyyyy there. How ya been? How’s yer knee? Mmmhmm. I hear that. I’ve been busy! (not updating this website) I’m about to start narrating my EIGHTH (8!) book as an audiobook narrator. It’s been creatively satisfying and challenging in equal parts. I’m recording the books, but also editing, producing, and mastering them. And PROMOTING them,… (read more)

My 1st Audiobook is OUT!

Yezzir. You heard read that right. The first audiobook of my narrator’s journey ™ is now available for the entirety of existence to purchase! It weaves the bristly tale of one man’s (Tom Selleck, specifically) journey to find balance in a chaotic universe. Part soul searching struggle, part Bond spoof, all mustache. Link: https://www.amazon.com/Audible-Sellecks-Stache-Is-Missing/dp/B0BSLWNH24/ If… (read more)