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How to Get Stoned Without Weed

Here’s a recent piece I wrote for the New Times in the wake of FL’s failure to pass Amendment 2. If I can help just one sad Floridian catch a weak buzz, I’ve done my job. Florida Passed on Medical Marijuana: Here’s How to Get Stoned Without Weed

Interview with Jim Breuer

  I’m not gonna … FLIP OUT maaaan, but I had to pleasure of interviewing Jim Breuer. It was a sudden and wonderful surprise gift the day before my birthday. A podcast version is on the way. http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/cultist/2014/06/jim_breuer_is_hitting_his_stride_not_the_bong.php

Carlos Mencia Interview

  I interviewed the once controversial now super chill Carlos Mencia. It has been a few years since all the fame and scorn, and I’m always interested in a person’s ability to change, reinvent, evolve. Read on… Carlos Mencia on Miami Comics, Losing the Weight, and Making Peace With the Haters

Freddy Stebbins’ One-Man Show

I’ve been looking up to Freddy Stebbins since I started in the Miami comedy scene. He is an immensely talented and gracious human, and gave me much of my stage time as a fledgling comic. He is a character comic, and years of hard work is culminating into a one-man show this weekend. The show is… (read more)