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Casa de Haha May 14, 2013

May 14th’s Casa de Haha is right around the corner, if days were geometric and were sneaky. But the 2nd Tuesday at Sweat Records is a dubious dark alley of FUN! Here’s a preview of the talent-packed lineup. FL’s Funniest Comic 2013 winner Lando Leyba My favorite carpooling creative comics from North South Florida –… (read more)

Ep4 John Vargas

Daniel and Adrian sit down with John Vargas, our acting BROhost. He’s a responsible new father who hates to sound pretentious, and would gladly manipulate a ghost to do his bidding. Stand-up clips from April’s Casa de Ha-ha ft. Adrian Mesa, Willy Q, John Wynn, Juan Paez, Forrest Shaw, & John Vargas. Insipid fools!