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Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

@midnight – Riffs for All

Have you seen Comedy Central’s @midnight yet? Deftly hosted by Chris Hardwick, the hard nerdin’est man in showbiz, it’s a game show format where a revolving panel of legitimately hilarious comedians riff on internet-based pop culture. The points and prizes are meaningless. This show is a vehicle for talent to shine, displaying diverse, dynamic panels of comics that comedy fans go “Finally ____ is on the tvs!” and non-comedy fans go “It’s that person!”

“Hold on Daniel, it’s 2013. Why would I watch something that has nothing to do with me?” You millennial-ly ask. Of course you’re involved! The nightly segment #HashtagWars has contestants riff on a set hashtag, and the audience tweets along. For #CrappyRappers I submitted Andre 2000 Flushes. For #StonerNovels, Finnegan’s Wake and Bake. Viewers all vie for The Chosen Tweet – to be shown during the next show for all to follow. RIFFS! Riffs for all! Riffs for the people!

Bringing everyone together to tweet riffs is tweet-riff-ic.

The initial run was thankfully renewed for new episodes January 6. Until then they are keeping it going with off-air hashtag wars and competitions such as this weekend’s #BoringVideoGames Photoshop Challenge. I felt compelled to competing. Here is my entry, fresh and barely clinging onto relevancy. Behold, a mix of my childhood nostalgia and pop culture disapproval…

The sequel was Cyrus Trigger

Pixel sprites know all about Blurred Lines. The sequel was Cyrus Trigger.

Click for full detail. I even gave her the horrific demon goddess tongue waggling thing she does, and the wistful look in her black pixel eye. Even if they don’t use it, chances are I would not have made this on my own and for that I thank ye, @midnight.

Level Up!

  • Photoshop +2
  • Punnery +1
  • Gumption +3
  • Gender roles -5

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