Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Ep6 John Wynn

John Wynn talks Labor Days, his award-winning webseries. We discuss his film roots, why improv comics don’t take fire for racy material, and MONKEY PUPPETS. Stand-up clips from the June show ft. Dominic Perenzin, John Wynn, Kirk Meadows, & Erik Meyers.

This interview was insightful and fun. Plus a rare chance to experience John Wynn pre-baby and pre-season finale of Labor Days.

Johny Wynnterview


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  1. […] the 305. My Gringo BINGO cohost Irene Morales just moved to NYC, and my Elwood’s Pub cohost John Wynn is about to head to LA. I wish them the best, and will try not to feel pressured to leave […]


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