Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

I’m a Traveling Dan

I’m home from my month of travels. It’s vital to get outside of your (sand) castle walls.

I drove from Miami to LA, then spent 10 days in Denver. I met incredible people, saw beautiful Earth, and most importantly got to soak in the juices of actual comedy towns. It was so revitalizing, but also addicting.

Denver! I went there booked on one showcase, and ended up getting up EIGHT times. My very own comedy Hanukkah. A festival of lights (to get offstage)! There were more rooms than I could do, and getting up three times in one night isn’t the eclipse-rarity event it is in Miami. I was even told the tale of a sixer. Gives me sizzles in my gutty-feels. In a world of NY vs. LA – Denver is a swingin’ option C.

After 7 years my thirst has grown beyond what Miami can slake. As a comedy-tree I have grown thick roots and a hearty stalk (heh), but no flowers. I need to blossom, flourish, and other words you might misconstrue sexually. I need more soil, water, and sunlight. That means stages, effort, and the warm glow of a supportive scene.

Wheels are turning for turing wheels.

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  1. Wish the best bro , See u in N.Y.C . Hit me up wend your in town 646-707-8129


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