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Stand Down ep10 – Delanie Fischer

Using Stand-up to Escape Stand-up “How do I use stand-up to get myself out of it?” After understanding what success in stand-up looks like, Delanie Fischer realized she wanted something different. Despite feeling one foot in and one foot out of comedy, she continued growing until she created a way offstage. This led to new… (read more)

We won Denver 48 Hour Film Fest

Yeah! I helped write a script that won Denver this year! And I can’t show you the video until the Nationals are over. But imagine how award-winning it is. Crisp dialogue and natural acting. Flawless setting and editing. You know what, never see it, it’ll be better in your head.

Stand Down ep8 – Brad Galli

“Learn How to Lose” Brad Galli stopped doing stand-up to work and go to school. What was supposed to be a small break stretched into years before something pulled him back onstage. He’s got a different mindset about comedy now, but starting over has new challenges. We talk expectations, hanging out vs. wasting time, and… (read more)

Twitch for Non-Gamers

I made a new video. It’s a byproduct of exploring Twitch this year. I’ve always loved videogames, and that’s why I stayed away from Twitch until now. Why would I watch other people play when I could? As a single player-type, videogames can be solitary. It’s been nice to see the more community-focused aspects of… (read more)