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Twitch for Non-Gamers

I made a new video. It’s a byproduct of exploring Twitch this year. I’ve always loved videogames, and that’s why I stayed away from Twitch until now. Why would I watch other people play when I could? As a single player-type, videogames can be solitary. It’s been nice to see the more community-focused aspects of… (read more)

169 Subscriber Special!

I been YouTube’n it to the max extreme over here and it’s starting to show. My grubtoids are mega chump-pumped for my 169 suberonis! Here’s a green-screamin’ new vid for all my hesitator-creators slangin’ anxious chunks about YubTubbles. Sizzle nibs.

New video on gamin’ & shamin’

I’ve worked on this video for weeks and it is the kind of content I’ve been wanting to create for a while. Part videogames, part expose’, part personal shame, frosted with goofy effects. It’s definitely the most “YouTubey” thing I’ve made. Is that a good thing?I would sincerely love to hear any feedback you have,… (read more)

How to Build a PC pt3

A new video is up! I’m glad I finished it early because the Mueller Report was just submitted and I want to jump right into not being allowed to read it. SO enjoy this tech goof instead. Thanks!

Build a PC with Me!

To start of my YouTubery I am sharing my recent experience of building a new computer. I prepared and researched for months, and watched tons of PC building tutorials. Those builders were good! They were TOO good. These people forgot what it’s like to stare into a sprawling pile of wires and think WUUUUUUUUT??? Did… (read more)