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Stand Down ep12 Jake Lloyd Bacon

The Cost of Doing Everything

Jake Lloyd Bacon wanted to do everything, and is. Stand-up was on the list somewhere after musician, actor and filmmaker, but no less important. Does having too many passions prevent you from excelling at one, or does it enrich everything you do? Topics include: balancing passions, name changes, never finding your clique, moving for love vs career, being sober in comedy, and his feature film, Pinch.


Stand Down ep11 Jean Antoine

Comedy Never Quits You

Jean Antoine doesn’t regret leaving stand-up, but still wonders what might have been. He made tough choices about sustainability, family, and his future. As time goes by, stand-up comedy becomes just another thing you can do, but it never leaves you alone. The itch to go back to comedy is strong, and even though Jean said this interview was therapeutic, it also made that comedy itch scream out for a scratch.


Stand Down ep10 – Delanie Fischer

Using Stand-up to Escape Stand-up

“How do I use stand-up to get myself out of it?” After understanding what success in stand-up looks like, Delanie Fischer realized she wanted something different. Despite feeling one foot in and one foot out of comedy, she continued growing until she created a way offstage. This led to new podcasts, business ventures and a better-fitting lifestyle. Comedy can be a stepping stone to something completely unexpected.

Also check out the pod’s new look! Maybe it will last another 10 episodes before I find a reason to change it.


Stand Down – ep9 Dick Black

“Living Offstage”

After 20 years in the Denver scene, Dick Black has watched it grow and change just as much as his own life. After weathering personal struggles and rebuilding bridges he’s burned, a huge conflict in the Denver scene led to Dick avoiding comedy altogether. Sometimes you can feel like a stranger in the scene you helped create.

Thanks for listen-watching. As Dick said, “take care of your mental health.”


We won Denver 48 Hour Film Fest

Yeah! I helped write a script that won Denver this year! And I can’t show you the video until the Nationals are over.

But imagine how award-winning it is. Crisp dialogue and natural acting. Flawless setting and editing. You know what, never see it, it’ll be better in your head.

Stand Down ep8 – Brad Galli

“Learn How to Lose”

Brad Galli stopped doing stand-up to work and go to school. What was supposed to be a small break stretched into years before something pulled him back onstage. He’s got a different mindset about comedy now, but starting over has new challenges. We talk expectations, hanging out vs. wasting time, and how “nothing in comedy is worth your soul.”