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I’m animating more. I used to make animations with my friend Robert back in middle school, but the technology was expensive and clunky. My new Samsung Note 4 (new to me) has a great drawing pen I can use to create all kinds of things, instead of popping candy balloons full of soda pandas. I’m testing out which apps I like and what programs I can use with them, to generate some gashdurn content. Here are some prototype animations:

Brian Regan Interview

Brain Regan is one of the most respected figures in stand-up comedy. After decades of touring, he just filmed his first live special and and acted in his first movie. His material is also growing in a new direction with his signature style. Learn about what makes this man tick. Although my original headline didn’t mention Trump, Brian did so that’s how journalism works.

Brian Regan on the Presidential Race: “Donald Trump is an Entertainer First”

We Cake You Farewell

Adrian Mesa, one of the hosts of 3 Course Comedy, recently moved to LA. He’s already wearing black and threatening to sue me over past conversations so things are going well. Since there’s no more 3 Course for now, local comic Alex Creasy and I decided to bake him a farewell cake. The cake is long digested, but you can experience the experience forever (until it all crumbles).


Top Ten High Plains Moments 2015

Top 10 Festival Moments

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The 3rd annual High Plains Comedy Festival just wrapped up, as moments ago the last comedian finally passed out. The three-day festival was a smooth success, showcasing strong national and local talent in both traditional and concept shows. The events were blocks away with many free shows making it easy to spend all day laughing. Here’s a handy list of the poignant moments I was fortunate enough to experience.

10. Uncalled Four, Denver’s premier comedy game show, raising the stakes with fifth panelist local Byron Graham. It was an extremely close race until Matt Braunger narrowly defeated a book-related vaginal reference with his culinary-related vaginal reference. Dramedy! The show is hitting its stride and the I only wish it was on TV already so we could stream it at home during family dinners.

9. Watching shows at 3 Kings from the cheap seats, aka the outside window. Second place is an ear to the glass at Mutiny. Hi-Dive is great but could install a skylight to better cater to the broke moocher demographic.

8. Cartoons & Comedy transforming an afternoon crowd into a group of giggling, cereal-slurping seven-year-olds. I think I saw some thumb-sucking. Go Planet!

7. Busting all of the moves to the hypnotic pulsing jam spasms of Total Ghost. Keyboards were harmed. Also shout outs to jockeys of discs Jonah Ray and Erin Stereo.

6. Seeing the Grawlix fellas all pumped from their recent Those Who Can’t wrapping as they fight off the demons of Hollywood success with some down-home root recharging.

5. Sponsors Sexy Pizza, Illegal Pete’s and Denver Relief keeping bellies full and spirits high, with sticky happy fingers for all.

4. Realizing that comedy allows far more access to the performers than other art forms. Comics love (or at least need) to meet people and talk comedy and – they’re right over there! Stop staring you’ll make ’em feel weird! Aww they went back in the green room, creepo.

3. Ben Kronberg’s semi-secret open mic smoke bus. Enjoying the sights of Denver with stand-up in a school bus full of pot smoke. It was such good vibes that I accidentally dropped the joint out the window while ashing it and nobody yelled non-jokingly. Provided by  BusToShow.org.

2. Learning that Kurt Braunohler‘s beaver closer loses a certain pop when his scrotum isn’t visible. The bulging profile of his Braunsac perfectly/horrifically balanced the imaginary (incredible versatile) beaver tail. Such are the freak results of Ian Abramson‘s Seven Minutes in Purgatory, where comics are disconnected from seeing or hearing their live audience.

1. Anthony Jeselnik fucking delivered. He ran his new hour before taking it on tour and it will not disappoint fans as he fans disappointment. He was surprised Denver was so into his shocking punchlines. This was the kind of show where couples went home to shower before they had sex.

0. SECRET REASON ZERO – There was a line that many comedians echoed this weekend “Denver is the best comedy city in the world.” How could such a thing be true? To compete with the coastal heads of industry? Hmm, they must be too high on our school-funding space cakes, pay them no mind!

Blocking off some free time for August 2016 would be wise.

Honorable Mention – The Fine Gentleman’s Club’s tearful, highly-sexual reunion.

Comedy & Acting Reel

Here are some of the projects I was involved in during my time in Miami. Links to some of the full projects are on YouTube.

Use me for things! Annie Lennox style.

Denver Podcast Roundup

Open the pod bay doors and cast your riffnets! Denver has a rich podcast environment that I am exploring in an attempt to disguise myself among the locals – I mean be a funny comedian! Click the links or pictures below to listen!


3 Course Comedy – Future Foods

Adrian Mesa and Eric Henderson host this comedic celebration of food, showcasing three “cook-medians” as a three course meal. Each does a savory stand-up set and subsequent food-terview. Real food is made for the audience, which you who are bound by time can no longer enjoy! This episode’s theme was FUTURE FOODS, I am the entree after appetizer Meghan DePonceau and before dessert Joshua Skillman.

Length: 74 minutes. Cook and eat dinner while you listen!



Poop Talk 10: Great Wall of China

From the future of food to all food’s future. Virgil Dickerson and Ron Doyle mastermind the classiest podcast about poop possible. Poop Talk is a succinct, beautifully edited journey that explores comedians’ moving movement memories. I discuss what it was like to poop at the Great Wall of China. They are the Radiolab of butt nuggets. The NPR of IBS.

Length: 12  minutes… a relaxed poop?


Whiskey & Cigarettes – #118

This weekly podcast digest is one of the most successful podcasts in Denver with good reason. Hosts Jake Browne, Jake Becker, and Zac Maas bring on comedians to riff about what’s happening in the podosphere. I am on with local slugger and doppelganger Tim Messenger, and there is such a variety of podcasts that you can never tell where the conversation will go. I learn a lot, especially about Chinchillas.

Length: 80 minutes. Inhale some legal Oxygen stimulators with your bros and br-O2 out.

Denver Groove

I’ve been in Denver for a month now, and regret my decision 0%.

I am absolutely floored with the variety and excitement in the Denver comedy scene. I must do a full analysis before my brain and I figure out what kind of show we want to contribute. In Miami, I would just create a(nother) quality showcase because we still need them down there. Here, there are so many tightly run showcases that conceptual rooms thrive. There are shows where comics debate issues, comment on live wrestling and 80s cartoons, improv entire sets, play videogames, and feed the audience. There are more and I’d like to highlight and link them but I’ll get to that in a more proper article.

Tonight I have landed a spot at one such lauded showcase. The Greater Than Social Club is a monthly musical comedy colloquium put on by the Greater Than Collective, I’m > happy to be a part of it. Tonight at 3 Kings Tavern.


Comedy, Music, & Pinball!