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Twitch for Non-Gamers

I made a new video. It’s a byproduct of exploring Twitch this year.

I’ve always loved videogames, and that’s why I stayed away from Twitch until now. Why would I watch other people play when I could?

As a single player-type, videogames can be solitary. It’s been nice to see the more community-focused aspects of gaming found on Twitch. I finally started chatting while watching and it adds another level. It’s like filling your Sim’s social meter and fun meter at the same time…


Stand Down ep7 – Jessica Anderson

“Mama Loves To Laugh”

Jessica Anderson never stopped loving comedy. Performing in Miami as Jessica Gross, she appreciates the skills, memories, and friends she made – while working through the lows of moving to NY and back, getting trapped in a comedy festival fiasco, and personal tragedy. Her priorities shifted and these days her comedy takes many forms through her new creative project, MamaLovesTo.

Click above to watch in on YouTube with video, or here: https://youtu.be/fpbZF9QTlxU

Follow Jessica’s new project at http://MamaLovesTo.com

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169 Subscriber Special!

I been YouTube’n it to the max extreme over here and it’s starting to show. My grubtoids are mega chump-pumped for my 169 suberonis!

Here’s a green-screamin’ new vid for all my hesitator-creators slangin’ anxious chunks about YubTubbles. Sizzle nibs.

Stand Down ep6 – Jay Mays

“Outgrowing Yourself”

A lighter episode! Jay Mays did stand-up in Denver and Miami for almost a decade. After hitting a plateau, he realized he’d outgrown his act and was doing what worked instead of what excited him. Years later comedy is still a part of his life and Daniel finds him almost too well-adjusted. We talk self-honesty, why we get onstage, tips for making your digital shows and meetings better, and the time Daniel got punched by a stranger right before going onstage. 

As always you can watch the video version of the podcast on my YouTube page here: http://Youtube.com/c/DanielReskin

Or iTunes here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/stand-down/id1503105297

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Stand Down ep5 – Lamonte Stewart

“No Regrets”

Lamonte doesn’t feel bad about leaving stand-up. Never expecting fame and fortune, he remembers the good times and personal growth. We explore how to leave stand-up with new skills, not heartbreak. Speaking of – we also talk bombing, Louis CK’s attempted comeback, and Biden’s allegations. Comedy!

click this for video, or listen below by clicking the Zaidy cat

New video on gamin’ & shamin’

I’ve worked on this video for weeks and it is the kind of content I’ve been wanting to create for a while. Part videogames, part expose’, part personal shame, frosted with goofy effects. It’s definitely the most “YouTubey” thing I’ve made. Is that a good thing?
I would sincerely love to hear any feedback you have, and of course, if you can – scrub scribes (when they’re dirty). THANK YOU!

Stand Down ep4 – Patrick Scott

“Father Time”

Patrick Scott is a 7-year Denver comic in the process of quitting. He’s feeling withdraw pains and worries about a relapse. After deciding it’s not worth the risks to try and “make it” in comedy, Patrick is deciding what really matters in life. We talk unfair expectations, gut vs. brain, and family.

Full video version on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ntJKDbxeFVA