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STAND DOWN ep1 – Jake Becker

Lazies and Gentlemen!

A podcast about the love/hate relationship of comedy, and why stand-ups stand down.

Jake Becker is a regular in the Denver comedy scene, but no longer as a comic. Still a podcaster and writer, he prizes the relationships (name drops) he’s made through comedy. We discuss why everybody starts out “wrong”, work life balance, treating comedy like homework, and when to walk away. Also, should you try heroin? After everything, does it all come down to being lazy? Hosted by Daniel Reskin, a 13 year stand-up comic figuring out what he wants out of comedy, and life.


STAND DOWN podcast

Here’s the first episode a project I’ve been kicking around for a while.

Comedy can be a love/hate relationship and at 13 years, I’ve known many incredible people that have had to stop, because [LIFE]. It’s the same reason others never start.

tl;dr – I thought I was quitting comedy, but started a podcast about it – listen below.

I’m trying to figure out what I want out of comedy and life. I ended my monthly show last year and have put stand-up on the back burner. I didn’t announce any of this, just faded out. I’ve finally stopped feeling like a guilty failure and it’s liberating to see the world of options I’ve ignored, and how I can feel like a guilty failure in so many other ways. Comedy has enriched my life and will always be my baby.

This year I almost got an amazing job doing creative marketing and production for a cool green company. Due to a few mixed scheduling emails, it ended before it started. When I didn’t show up they never called to see where I was. I thought I was waiting to hear back and now realize I should have called instead of email. I prepared for a whole new life (I bought thrift store office sweaters) and was shook hard when it vanished for such a dumb reason. I realized I’ve been working food service to support comedy but was barely doing comedy. I love cooking but it’s not my passion or strength (except fruit platters, follow me on IG). I could work with writing, acting, design, technology, journalism, production, and more. And I want to make a video game – about standup! All these possibilities flooded back when I let myself feel whatever it was I’m feeling. To let go, or at least relax my grip.

I’ve had free nights. Nights to draw, to plan, create content for YouTube, stream on Twitch, go out with my girlfriend, work night events, and rediscover non-comedy things with non-comedy people. I got my Medicaid sorted out so I could finally start taking Parkour classes. And then, fractured my shoulder ̶d̶o̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶P̶a̶r̶k̶o̶u̶r LIVING. (got a FREE x-ray!)

Seasoned comedians joke about quitting all the time, and if you do comedy long enough, something will stop you, at least for a while. I don’t know where my path leads but I’m getting up and moving again.

STAND DOWN is a podcast about the love/hate relationship with comedy and why stand-ups stand down. Jake Becker is the first ex-comedian I met in Denver in 2015. He’s a perfect first guest to discuss the love/hate relationship of comedy, the work/life balance, and if you should do heroin. Link below.

Thanks and please enjoy.

Hello there!

Much has been going on, though you wouldn’t know that from this website. Life and comedy are winding roads and aren’t always side by side. I’ve been enjoying being a human without the pressure to “make it”. It will make me a better comic or not one at all, both decent outcomes.

Aaaanyway, here’s a local commercial I was in recently:

PayReel – Cats in Space from Crew Connection on Vimeo.

Dat-Mocracy Tho! |ep.1 Homelessness

In 2018 I got to work with a fun, talented group of people to make a political comedy show. Kind of like Bill Maher without the smarmy asshole-itude. I finally got all the footage edited for the first episode – Homelessness.

Below are the links to some of the segments, and the full episode. Do enjoy and subscribe as the other 4 episodes are soon to follow. They will be about Guns, Cannabis, the Media, and Immigration. Thank ye.


Feline Slackline

Well, hello there! Hell, wello there!

It’s been months. What happened? Where have you been? And, cats!

There is a lot to imply. Skip it! I made a video involving a slackline and my cat, Flurples.

It will explain EVERYTHING

How to Build a PC pt3

A new video is up! I’m glad I finished it early because the Mueller Report was just submitted and I want to jump right into not being allowed to read it. SO enjoy this tech goof instead. Thanks!