Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

The Podcast (2011-2014)

Casa de Haha Podcast

After a few years of running the live show of Casa de Haha, I wanted a way to preserve some of the great moments. I started recording the show and interviewing one of the comics for a podcast. It started with locals and expanded to national comics.

Some of the episodes are straight forward, others are creatively recorded and edited. All of them are “enhanced podcasts” which was a thing that never quite took off where the pictures change along with the audio at different times. It was time consuming but fun to add that extra layer even though 75% wouldn’t see it. It was kind of a basic TV show.

I didn’t make nearly as many podcast as the live show’s 7 year run, but I’m proud of the quality of these episodes and can’t wait for people to rediscover them as the guests grow in prominence. (Maybe there’s mondo juicy secrets OMG?)

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