Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Comedian Daniel Reskin

Public Access TV Show (2016-2018)


Casa de Haha was also public access TV show from Denver, Colorado. Host Daniel Reskin speaks with comedy humans and explores the world.

Season 2

This season is about exploration. Each episode, the show will pretend to be a different show. From Charlie Rose to Conan, Ellen to The Young Turks, Casa de Haha will continue to explore Colorado comedy while deconstructing shows that talk.

Ep1. Ice Cream Social [Charlie Rose]

Ep2. Michael Karlik [The Daily Show]

Ep.3 Allen w/ Dr. Kev & Chef Jacqueline [Ellen]

Season 1

This freshman mini-season was the beginning of Casa as a TV show. Join host Daniel Reskin and longtime comedy pal Adrian Mesa, as they interview four prominent groups of Denver stand-up comedians.

Ep1. Pussy Bros

Ep2. The Fine Gentleman’s Club

Ep3. Whiskey & Cigarettes

Ep4. Kevin O’Brien & Mara Wiles