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Reppin Carlin at Sweat

Fun shoot today w/ @sweatrecords, including @DanielReskin and his pal, George Carlin. #vinyl #miami #shortfilms pic.twitter.com/lPUDXmgwrc — Elaine (Mc)Sheldon (@emcmillion) November 16, 2014

How to Get Stoned Without Weed

Here’s a recent piece I wrote for the New Times in the wake of FL’s failure to pass Amendment 2. If I can help just one sad Floridian catch a weak buzz, I’ve done my job. Florida Passed on Medical Marijuana: Here’s How to Get Stoned Without Weed

Daniel in Pitbull Music Video

Pitbull’s new video is tight, but pay special attention to seconds :24 and :27-:29. Over 2 million have bumped to my scruff-cheek and hind-fro. I didn’t get to meet Pit but chilled hard with two of the penguins. ‪#‎Dale‬’ #305 ‪#‎Madagascar‬