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Acting – Creep Clip

Remember when I dressed up like a pretzel for a candy bar orgy? Well that led to this. It’s one short scene, and shows my range expanding from non-threatening hipster nerd to mysterious somewhat-rapish creeperton. Also the man throwing me is fellow comedian Ronnie Khalil. He’s such a dedicated actor, even though the scene is… (read more)

Casa de Haha Tonight Ep.1

Well well well. It seems that I am at the center of a conflagration of events leading to a half hour of comedic entertainment being produced and served for eternity at Le Cafe Internet. I am greatly pleased by the first episode of this talk show project. A handful of Miami comedians helped create this,… (read more)

Carlos Mencia Interview

  I interviewed the once controversial now super chill Carlos Mencia. It has been a few years since all the fame and scorn, and I’m always interested in a person’s ability to change, reinvent, evolve. Read on… Carlos Mencia on Miami Comics, Losing the Weight, and Making Peace With the Haters

Freddy Stebbins’ One-Man Show

I’ve been looking up to Freddy Stebbins since I started in the Miami comedy scene. He is an immensely talented and gracious human, and gave me much of my stage time as a fledgling comic. He is a character comic, and years of hard work is culminating into a one-man show this weekend. The show is… (read more)