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Miami New Times 6 Best Miami Comedians

“Best” is a weird word in a weird world. I’m humbled, securing the top spot by virtue of my pursuits in cultivating a worthwhile scene. I know I’m not the strongest comedian on this list (yet), but I’m honored to be amongst such talent. The Six Best Local Comedians in Miami

Casa de Haha Pets-tacular!

That’s right. Comics on stage with their pets. I’m not sure how this is going to go, but there will be pee. Hopefully from the audience. Join us, always the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Ultimate Miami Comedian 2013 – a local comic’s story

There are a a series of “Ultimate Miami” contests held for things like best band, bartender, and dessert. This year included an Ultimate Miami Comedian. Finally stand-up comics can join the ranks of food trucks and drag queens to compete for $5,000. Is this what it feels like to fight for civil rights? I made… (read more)