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Ep2 Nhan Du

Let’s move along to episode two. This one corresponds to the Feb 2012 Casa de Haha, which coincided with Valentine’s day. My formerly-single self laments on love, formerly-relationshipped Adrian Mesa sings joyful songs, and pre-New York Nhan Du gives a great interview while we enjoy adventures at the Lake Worth street art fair. This is… (read more)

Ep1 Forrest Shaw & Lisa Corrao

New website, refurbished podcast! Tweaked and resplazzled for your probable first-time enjoyment. There are 8 episodes “in the can” (a Hollywood term for preserving produce) and I’ll release them quickly so we can get to the new stuff! So many talented Miami comedians, so little time… Enjoy hometown hero Forrest Shaw. Just last weekend, Forrest… (read more)


The Miami Herald wrote an article on stand-up comedy in Miami. Guess what? IT EXISTS. The best part about this article was that my Mother flipped out that my name wasn’t on the page and wrote the newspaper a letter. I hope to obtain it someday and read it at her funeral. I am delight-pumped… (read more)

Byebye-web, Word Up-ress

I’ve retired my first website. Unplugged, decoded, and spread the 0s and 1s over a nice pasture near a technical community college. It seems iWeb stopped being updated (e-bandonment) years ago, so it’s a smooth cruise to obsolescence. Why’d they stop? Because of WordPress, what I used to build this new site. WordPress is open… (read more)