Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Stand-up Comic, Writer, Actor, Podcaster

Ep25 Radio Clip Show


25 episodes! Daniel guest hosts the I Love You Miami radio show and hijacks it to talk comedy. He brings local comics Michael Maryanoff and Bradlys Philoctete into the studio to play some choice cuts from the pod’s first two years ft. Adrian Mesa, Forrest Shaw, Lisa Corrao, Freddy Stebbins, Patrick Schroeder, Gabriel Iglesias, and W. Kamau Bell. Thanks, you!


Sister Inspiration

Did you know that I am the younger, less successful of two Reskin siblings? …For now!* MUAHAHAH

My sister Lolo knew she wanted to work in music the way little gay toddlers naturally put on dresses. Unlike our musician Dad, her ear was too far ahead for her fingers to catch up. As I made insane faces in the mirror, I heard her strained strumming of Blur and Oasis through the walls. With a freakily advanced self-assessment, she knew her true power was in spreading great music to people in need. Through high school she worked at Virgin Megastore and DJed at clubs she wasn’t legally allowed inside. While I wandered through college looking for purpose, Lolo realized in one semester that college couldn’t teach her what she needed to learn. So she created, promoted, and performed at multiple successful club nights before hunkering down to found Sweat Records - Miami’s only legitimate indie record store.

If I had been as focused with stand-up as she was with music, I’d be so Eddie Murphy that I’m already prematurely retired to a life of mysterious scandalous rumors. I admire (could use more of) her diligence, dedication, and OCDish fascination with organization. But I have listened to the one rule sacred in all her dealings, and believe it should stand the test of time along side “this too shall pass”:

Don’t be shady.” – Lauren Reskin

It’s so simple and keeps you feeling fresh. You would do well to remember it in your daily dealings.** That and the crucial importance of memorable hair. Not to be understated is her role in my monthly showcase Casa de Haha. She thought of the name and gave a fledgling me the encouragement/kick-in-the-taint to get it started. Watch this cool spot on Sweat by the Fusion network. You may recognize it as Casa de Haha during daytime. I am proud that many people in the Miami music scene know me as “Brolo” and recently “Frolo”. #GoLoloGo

*one day I will time travel to be older, or possibly create a third sibling and ensure it becomes Space President
**usage of shady does not apply when dealing with Eminem, his industries or affiliates

Baby Cat Video

Yes comedy is king, but cuteness is princess. My roommate got a kitten so now I have two roommates. Enjoy this newly breathing baby cat drying off after a bath in the Miami breeze. This may be the finest video I will ever produce.

I’m a Traveling Dan

I’m home from my month of travels. It’s vital to get outside of your (sand) castle walls.

I drove from Miami to LA, then spent 10 days in Denver. I met incredible people, saw beautiful Earth, and most importantly got to soak in the juices of actual comedy towns. It was so revitalizing, but also addicting.

Denver! I went there booked on one showcase, and ended up getting up EIGHT times. My very own comedy Hanukkah. A festival of lights (to get offstage)! There were more rooms than I could do, and getting up three times in one night isn’t the eclipse-rarity event it is in Miami. I was even told the tale of a sixer. Gives me sizzles in my gutty-feels. In a world of NY vs. LA – Denver is a swingin’ option C.

After 7 years my thirst has grown beyond what Miami can slake. As a comedy-tree I have grown thick roots and a hearty stalk (heh), but no flowers. I need to blossom, flourish, and other words you might misconstrue sexually. I need more soil, water, and sunlight. That means stages, effort, and the warm glow of a supportive scene.

Wheels are turning for turing wheels.