Daniel Reskin

Daniel Reskin

Miami Stand-up Comedian, Writer and Podcaster

Baby Cat Video

Yes comedy is king, but cuteness is princess. My roommate got a kitten so now I have two roommates. Enjoy this newly breathing baby cat drying off after a bath in the Miami breeze. This may be the finest video I will ever produce.

Ep24 Bad Dads


John Vargas and Eric DaSilva visit Daniel’s apartment and are inspired to become his life coaches. Cuban coffee vodka shots lead to soul searching and no ego is safe. Will these terrible fathers coax a dark potential within our host? A cross-podination with Bad Dads Podcast.

Ep23 Vegas Trolls


Daniel drives cross country with John Wynn as he moves from Miami to Los Angeles. Join them for a Las Vegas pit stop as slot veteran Johnny imparts casino wisdom to a wide-eyed Daniel continually amazed by the spectacle of Sin City. Pretend it’s YOUR money we’re losing!


Ep22 Gabriel Iglesias


Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias sits down with Daniel to discuss his first stand-up concert film, The Fluffy Movie. Gabriel highlights his journey through comedy and gives insight into that mysterious monster named Showbiz. This episode is short, sweet, and packed (kind of like Fluffy)!

I’m a Traveling Dan

I’m home from my month of travels. It’s vital to get outside of your (sand) castle walls.

I drove from Miami to LA, then spent 10 days in Denver. I met incredible people, saw beautiful Earth, and most importantly got to soak in the juices of actual comedy towns. It was so revitalizing, but also addicting.

Denver! I went there booked on one showcase, and ended up getting up EIGHT times. My very own comedy Hanukkah. A festival of lights (to get offstage)! There were more rooms than I could do, and getting up three times in one night isn’t the eclipse-rarity event it is in Miami. I was even told the tale of a sixer. Gives me sizzles in my gutty-feels. In a world of NY vs. LA – Denver is a swingin’ option C.

After 7 years my thirst has grown beyond what Miami can slake. As a comedy-tree I have grown thick roots and a hearty stalk (heh), but no flowers. I need to blossom, flourish, and other words you might misconstrue sexually. I need more soil, water, and sunlight. That means stages, effort, and the warm glow of a supportive scene.

Wheels are turning for turing wheels.

4th of July in Miami (video)

I hit the street for Miami New Times to check out 4th of July in Miami during the World Cup. Get a taste of Bayside, the beautiful, bustling, tourist-heavy area across from Miami’s downtown on Biscayne Bay. Make Tio Samuel proud!