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Daniel Reskin

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Ep18. Green Room Black Box


Many comedians carpool, turning the drive home into another green room. A moving green room that can careen into a canal if you get carried away riffing.  Join comedians Adrian Mesa, John Wynn, and Daniel Reskin heading home after Artistic Vibes’ weekly Thursday open mic. Hear clips clips from the show, and enjoy the after-show of the modern comedic caravan.

W. Kamau Bell: “I’m Telling Jokes, but I’m Not Kidding”

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I interviewed the relaxed brilliance of comedian W. Kamau Bell for his “Oh, Everything!” Tour Thursday night at the South Beach Comedy Festival.

I’ll definitely be there, but perhaps I’m bias.

We speak about about his first impressions of Miami, cutting his comedy with meaning, and repairing his resilient, crushed soul in the aftermath of the modern television circus. Click here or on Kamau.


I haven’t posted in a month. I missed my podcast release deadline because of a tech issue that erased a brilliant episode wherein Adrian Mesa and Yannis Pappas dined with me at an Argentinian restaurant. Losing those two hours of high caliber comedy conversation hurt bad. I whizzed through a few passes of the stages of grief.

AND THINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN BETTER! It still happened. It was still great. Also future-machines will be able to view moments in the past. The podcast will be back soon. It is getting a slight format change from traditional 1-on-1 interview to on-the-go comedic journalism.

I quit my job as a waiter. 10 years in hospitality. Feels good. I loved it. I mined it for jokes. I learned so much about people. I am overjoyed that comic Mike Maryanoff followed me and recorded my last shift, a monthly meeting of 30 elderly Miami women. A poetic finale’. I have enough restaurant material for a one-man show, which is inevitable.


“How will you live?” they ask. One day at a time, They. I’ve saved, live efficiently, and am now occasionally paid to be funny. The part I got in a Spanish insurance commercial really helped. Speaking of, I gave up my health insurance and may not make enough “on the books” to get Obamacare. Time to look both ways before crossing the tight rope.


I will continue writing articles on the comedy scene. Today I interviewed the comedian W. Kamau Bell for what will be a great article leading into this year’s South Beach Comedy Festival. Although local involvement isn’t big at SoBe (and Kamau reassured me that all festivals could cater more towards local talent), they reached out to the community to hold a looser version of the Decomedian Contest (named so because it was featured on local news-ertainment show Deco Drive) once held at the Miami Improv years ago that let locals duke it out for a festival spot. Two of my rooms, Casa de Haha and Elwoods, were asked to participate. Both shows were really fun, especially for contests which can be a drag. Casa was so packed it was most assuredly a fire hazard. Just how I likes it.

And it culminates with a new project, Casa de Haha Tonight. A variety talk show for Miami, part love letter, part defense. We have incredible guests and hilarious segments planned. Funny comes first but we will be talking real issues. One show only. More soon, but this post is now officially too long. Toodle-oo and TL;DR.

Nery Saenz


Longtime Miami comedian and fellow podcaster Nery Saenz joins Daniel to discuss comedy milestones. Nery recently opened a string of shows for Dave Chappelle and is preparing to release an album. He also filled in when Daniel was fired his first weekend. Join us as we have fun talking shop.

PFunkcast Interview

I had a great time being interviewed on the PFunkCast with the lovely and fun Pabla and Camilla. They asked me all about what it’s like to be a stand-up comedian in Miami, and the biz in general. I appear to know what I’m talking about but I have my doubts. Skip to 26:26 to get to the Reskin-sauce.

Here is an alternate link: https://soundcloud.com/pfunk-media/1-28-13-pfunkcast#t=26:26